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The Legendary Dragons/Knights and their Summoners

My favorite Season! :D 

YES! :D 

Yay! Pharoah!!!

I have to agree…..Really Valon? XD

I really want to remember what episode this is….help!? 



“I can handle ‘im!” Valon insisted with a scoff. “‘sides, it’ll be worth it- I promise.”

Sure, the fireworks didn’t last long, but they were definitely worth staying up for. While he wasn’t exactly able to recreate the amazing displays back…


I love how the Japanese depict Australians in Yugioh eg. Jim Crocodile Cook, Valon & Jack Atlas (Dub).

I love that fact that Jim has a Crocodile called Shirley! that is already pretty Aussie, but the fact that he carries her around with him makes me smile all the time! being an Australian myself i can pick up an Aussie accent in a second so as soon as he talked i was loving it!

but with Valon he doesn’t do anything Aussie, when they dubbed him they just decided to put this Aussie ascent on him, i must admit he looks Australian which is always good enough for me!

And last but not least Jack Atlas! who doesn’t love this man! his Australian ascent is beautiful! he doesn’t have any connection to Australia but its as if they needed at least 1 Australian character per Yugioh anime!

Now im not complaining, in fact i love it!.. Damn this was a pointless rant! hahaha

Oh Joey.

Tristan’s underpants

Tristan’s underpants

Joey!! :D <3



Let’s appreciate the fact that in the next scene, Joey has a black eye.

See!?! Similarity!! =0

Okay, so I was re-watching season 4 of Yu-Gi-Oh! And I realized something that I don’t know if you guys picked up on.

So we all know, Kaiba, Joey and Yugi/Yami were giving the 3 Legendary Dragons/Knights of Atlantis. Have you looked at their facial features. Let’s begin

Yugi/Yami was given the “Eye of Timaeus”. Look at the eyes!!

Joey was given Hermos.

Kaiba was given Critias

I noticed that Hermos and Critias actually look like Joey and Kaiba; only difference are their hair colors